— located in Budapest, Certificate - HU14/7134Hungary (EU member) — is a chemistry and medicinal chemistry service organization with strong interest and background in the development of chemical technologies. The company’s scientific platform was formed via the fusion of powerful chemistry technology innovation at ComInnex with the outstanding chemistry and medicinal chemistry expertise of the former AMRI Hungary. Our mission is to enable our partners to access novel chemical space and intellectual property.

Custom chemistry: 12 years experience in delivering marker compounds, published or novel samples up to 50g scale.

Chemical libraries: 12 years experience in parallel chemistry, design of efficient library schemes. One of the most experienced  library provider teams in Europe having delivered > 800 custom requested libraries to our partners.

Novel template design: Creative team has designed hundreds of novel templates over the years for our partners both as diversity and focused sets of compounds. Our novel template designs are distributed quarterly. Please, request access to our latest release via an email to sales@cominnex.com.

  Medicinal chemistry: Our team incorporates both biotech and big Pharma expertise in lead optimization. Combination of our level of expertise with our low medicinal chemistry FTE rate makes ComInnex the most cost effective medicinal chemistry provider in the EU offering an unbeatable value to its partners.

Fragment optimization: ComInnex scientists have a unique and proven expertise in the screening of fragments using biochemical assays as well as optimization of fragments without the need of X-ray or NMR structure of the bound fragment.

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