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ComInnex is an advanced synthesis technology based CRO, located in Budapest in the heart of Europe. We have built a proprietary intelligent platform based using our advanced cheminformatics knowledge and software together with novel reactor technology. Through this technology, we are able to reach novel chemical space or perform previously avoided hazardous chemistry safely. This means that ComInnex can provide truly unique and fully encompassing chemistry services. In this age where it is hard to differentiate between different CROs, ComInnex offers you the ability to access completely novel chemistries, routes, and compounds that no one else can at a competitive price.

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High Fsp3 Library Synthesis

ComInnex’s SMART 3D compound optimization platform offers the potential to run selected compounds from your compound collections through a patented automated HT hydrogenation platform to generate high Fsp3 targets that have huge differences compared to their starting materials in terms of solubility, log P and log D coefficients and with no IP attached to them. In one step we can turn a compound with no value into a potential hit in less than 2 minutes.

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Technology Enabled Novel Building Blocks and Fragments

Our proprietary technology platform and design software has enabled us to develop unique building blocks and fragments. We have tailored specific building blocks to be amenable to DNA encoding to offer you a full range of compounds to fill any missing gaps in your collections.

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The wide range of custom chemistry solutions

Custom Chemistry solutions

ComInnex’s staff has served its partners for over 12 years synthesizing novel or known marker compounds or other organic molecules. The current infrastructure enables our scientists to prepare final targets from mg to 50g scale in purity up to 98%.


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Diversity Libraries

ComInnex’s predecessors were the pioneers in Europe to build a parallel chemistry infrastructure 15 years ago. Since then our staff has accumulated industry leading experience in both design and synthesis of diversity libraries.


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Focused & Targeted Libraries

Over the last 10 years ComInnex’s team has accumulated industry leading experience in both design and synthesis of focused libraries. Focused libraries are typically designed at ComInnex to assist our partner’s early lead follow-up efforts.


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Fragment-based Drug Discovery

In the pharmaceutical industry fragment-based approaches have become mainstream for lead identification. Most groups utilize biophysical screening methods (such as NMR and X-ray crystallography) to screen highly soluble and hydrophilic fragments. The atomic details of the fragment bound to its target are deemed critical for the success of fragment optimization.


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Hit & Lead Optimization

Hit and lead optimizations require extensive and meaningful expertise in the art. ComInnex’s medicinal chemistry leadership has developed 7 preclinical candidates that have entered the preclinical development phase. With this background we are confident that our team will take our partner’s optimization projects as far as possible and we can develop new or follow-on lead series if required.


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