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Who we are

ComInnex is a chemistry service organization with strong interest and background in the development of chemical technologies. The company offers flexible business models, delivers a superior added value and provides the highest customer satisfaction and return on investment to all its partners.

Our expertise

Our management and scientists have over 20 years experience in offering custom chemistry, chemical library development and synthesis, project management, and customer service.

Why choose us

In a world where there are an abundance of CRO companies, we are able to offer truely unique services and compound libraries through technology coupled with dedication and flexible business models.


Custom Chemistry solutions

ComInnex’s staff has served its partners for over 12 years synthesizing novel or known marker compounds or other organic molecules. The current infrastructure enables our scientists to prepare final targets from mg to 50g scale in purity up to 98%.

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Diverse Libraries

Our design philosophy centers on high quality lead-like libraries rather than “combinatorial-like” ones. Our screening sets are typically 100 – 300 members per library in order to sample chemical space effectively and provide medicinal chemists with excellent starting points for further optimization.

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Focused & Targeted Libraries

Over the last 10 years ComInnex’s team has accumulated industry leading experience in both design and synthesis of focused libraries. Focused libraries are typically designed at ComInnex to assist our partner’s early lead follow-up efforts.

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Building Blocks for DNA Encoded Libraries & Fragments

Selection-based screening of large DNA-encoded libraries of lead-like molecules is now a validated method to identify bioactive compounds. ComInnex provides sets of building blocks (BB) compatible with DNA chemistry to fill the missing gaps in your collections. We provide our partners with consulting in fragment screening and optimization as well as a range of technology enabled fragment sets.

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Medicinal Chemistry Services

Hit and lead optimizations require extensive and meaningful expertise in the art. ComInnex’s medicinal chemistry leadership has developed 7 preclinical candidates that have entered the preclinical development phase. With this background we are confident that our team will take our partner’s optimization projects as far as possible and we can develop new or follow-on lead series if required.

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