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We connect scientists in this rapidly evolving area, providing an effective collaborative platform for sharing and education, thriving on a common understanding for technical requirements, right down to the basic building block level..


Using this extensive knowledge as the basis to drive chemistry developments in pursuit of excellence....


We are proud to have several leading global pharmaceutical organizations, and prominent biotech service providers working with us on this exciting field, supporting scientific progress and advancement of research...


Wherever you are, we will ship quickly, reliably, globally!

ComInnex Custom Chemistry Research


With decades of experience behind us, our team is brimming with novel chemistry ideas, whilst our design philosophy centers on totally novel yet fully lead-like libraries…

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DEL Toolkit

ComInnex is the leading provider of Building Blocks for DNA Encoded Libraries. Our scope has been recently extended with fragments for FBDD.

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Our management and scientists have over 20 years experience

Custom Chemistry Services

A team of chemists dedicated to the customer who thrive on a challenge, take pride in their work, communicate openly and efficiently and possess a wealth of experience…

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Our team are technologically equipped to handle even the most challenging of reactions professionally and safely in transformations

Research & Development

Passionate about chemistry our team is continuously looking for new and better ways to synthesize compounds and generate novel libraries…

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ComInnex Laboratory

Let's Collaborate

We are seeking for collaboration partners to bring innovation in chemistry research, especially in DEL Toolkit and Targeted Protein Degradation. We are very proud to collaborating with Merck Milliporesigma and UPPTHERA successfully! Save your time and costs, consult with us!

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ComInnex facilitates and provides collaborative working group environments. Find out how we can help you advance your scientific research…