Building Blocks

ComInnex is the leading provider of building blocks for DNA-encoded libraries. Our research in this area is managed in an industry pioneering Open Innovative collaboration with a total of 10 participants (from large pharma, biotech and CROs), fostering communities to advance science through sharing and learning. Under the auspices of this programme, launched in 2017,  200 Building Blocks have been synthesized so far. Affinity selection-based screening of large DNA-encoded libraries of lead-like molecules is now a validated method to identify bioactive compounds and it represents the best avenue to interrogate protein targets with the full diversity of available chemicals. One of the biggest requirements for these libraries is relevant building blocks with appropriate characteristics to allow for the DNA binding as well as being drug-like. Cominnex provides special and unique sets of building blocks designed for DNA attachment affinity to help our partners to generate more hits against more targets in their lead identification programs. Over the years our custom building and scaffolds have contributed to the synthesis of millions DNA-linked lead-like compounds.Primary charecteristics of our current collection are:
  • N-Fmoc protected amino acids
  • Protected amino acids with aryl halide functionality
  • Carboxylic acids with aryl iodide functionality
 Within our Open Innovation collaboration we continue to develop new building blocks which are added to our collection and are available to all.ComInnex can also design and synthesize Building Blocks for DNA encoded libraries on an exlusive basis based on individual requirements in our Custom Chemistry Group.Learn more about Open Innovation 
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