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DEL Building Blocks

DNA-encoded compound libraries (DELs) became a new inexpensive method for fast and efficent identification of appropriate ligands to target proteins. These kind of libraries consist of organic molecules covalently linked to a unique DNA tag that works as an amplifiable barcode. This technology enables the production of DNA encoded libraries of unprecedented size.

Introduction to DNA-encoded libraries:

  • extreme-large library sizes ( > 1012 compounds)
  • simpler storage (single test tube)
  • easier & cost effective maintenance and usage
  • but DNA-compatible chemistry must by applied!

An important part of any DELs is the building block (BB) however there is an acknowledged shortage of BBs for DNA encoded libraries. With the combined usage of rational design and library synthesis experience ComInnex became a leading provider of DEL BBs through its Open Collaboration model.

DNA Encoded Library
ComInnex’s building blocks features

  • diversity
  • low aromaticity
  • high 3D character (fsp3)
  • improved physicochemical and ADMET properties (logP, logD, solubility, etc.)
  • functional groups accessible towards further chemistry
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