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Target-Oriented Library

Target-Oriented Library Program

Design and preparation of biologically active small molecule chemical libraries according to customer needs based on in silico prediction and design methods.

ComInnex has developed a Target-Oriented Library (TOL) program recognizing the recent trends and the increasing demand for biology oriented libraries in the pharma industry.

The TOL approach combines state-of-the art chemo-informatics methods:

  • data-mining
  • 2D/3D similarity search
  • fragment-based approaches
  • pharmacophore model building
  • 3D modelling and docking
  • scaffold hopping
scientist working with multichannel pipette and multi well plates (2)

Based on multi-year synthetic experience and special technology platform unique drug-like chemical structures generated.

  • Special libraries designed and are available for apoptosis induction in cancer cells
  • Besides CIX proprietary focused libraries any new compound collections offered and prepared following the requests of the partners

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