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Fragment Design and Synthesis

In the pharmaceutical industry fragment-based approaches have become mainstream for lead identification. Many companies have also put an emphasis on enriching their fragment screening set with proprietary and non-flat fragments to complement the widely used aromatic or heteroaromatic motifs. That is because it has been shown that for certain targets (for instance BACE) novel high fsp3 motifs are necessary to find hits even with fragment screening while decreased aromatic character has been found to contribute to higher clinical success rates. Proprietary fragments will expand the freedom of operation and IP security during fragment and lead development.

For several years ComInnex has been providing its partners with a range of exclusive and custom made fragments, meaning that our partners can access technology enabled sets of molecules synthesized either from ComInnex intermediates or commercial starting materials. Using our suite of technologies, we can also transform our partners’ intermediates to novel fragments in order to further enhance the proprietary nature of the new compounds to be synthesized.

All virtual fragment sets are filtered using standard criteria (e.g. the rule of 3), but custom filters can also be applied upon request. Typical turnaround time for custom fragment synthesis is 1-2 months, but a range of in-stock fragments are also available for cherry picking.

Furthermore, ComInnex has special expertise in biochemical fragment screening and fragment optimization without structural data. Upon requests we can provide our partners with consulting in these important lead identification tasks.

Technology Enabled Fragment Examples

Flourous Fragments
Bicyclic Framgents