Quality Compounds off the Shelf

Discovering a new drug is a rather lengthy an expensive process, and we are here to help pharmaceutical companies to shorten their early phase drug discovery cycle via boosting their screening programs with our high quality and novel compound assortment.

The ComInnex off the shelf compound collection consists of over 10,000 (the number is dynamically growing) organic chemicals designed and synthesized exclusively by our chemistry teams who are using technology enabled state-of-the-art synthetic processes. The compounds in our collection feature high-DIVERSITY, general LEAD-LIKE physicochemical properties (e.g. MW<350; clogP<3.5; HBD<5; HBA<9), high-QUALITY and NOVELTY. All undesirable functionalities (reactive, toxic, etc.) are banned from the design step. Compounds are usually available in mg stock quantities and with >90% purity, and the supply formats normally include powder or a variety of solutions in different sized vials.