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During recent years, photoredox catalytic and other photochemical methodologies, together with technological advancements has enabled the invention of a vast number of powerful methodologies for bond construction. Combining photochemistry with continuous flow conditions can dramatically improve the efficiency of such transformations. This can lead to greater efficiency in chemical synthesis and also gives access to reactions that might otherwise not be possible. While ComInnex primarily pursues photochemistry in order to access novel scaffolds for compound libraries, and building blocks for fragment libraries and for DNA-encoded library synthesis, these photochemical methods are also applied in custom synthesis.

To achieve its synthetic goals ComInnex adopted a number of methodologies to expand the synthetic chemists’ toolbox. For example, the combination of a continuous flow Negishi-coupling with the Wohl-Ziegler bromination, followed by straightforward derivatization gave access to non-natural amino acids. Similarly, a continuous flow photocatalytic Minisci-coupling utilizing in situ formed active esters was developed allowing the efficient synthesis of alkyl substituted heteroarenes. For more details on these results please see our publications.

ComInnex and ThalesNano, together with Professor Timothy Noel from the Technical University of Eindhoven have entered into an R&D collaboration which led to the development of the PhotoCube™ Reactor.

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Photochemistry under batch and flow conditions using the PhotoCube™ photoreactor

PhotoCube™ photoreactor has been selected as a finalist for the 2021 R&D Top100 Awards

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