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    Research & Development


    Passionate about chemistry our team is continuously looking for new and better ways to synthesize compounds and generate novel libraries. Accessibility to new chemical space is a fundamental driver in staying ahead of the game in both chemical synthesis and in drug discovery as a whole. To this end our Development team is constantly experimenting with new methods and also developing radical or new instrumentation to solve problems.

    ComInnex works in conjunction with both customers and academic groups in its development projects, ensuring that the new ideas and solutions are relevant for our customers.

    Current areas of research include:

    • Flow chemistry‚ÄĒespecially high temperature and high pressure
    • Flow hydrogenation
    • Photoredox and flow photoredox, including the development of a low cost photo flow reactor
    • Cycloaddition chemistry
    • Flash Pyrolysis
    • Metathesis
    • MiniSci

    Research Projects

    Recognized as experts in the design of drug-like molecules ComInnex has been invited to participate in a drug discovery project led by two leading Hungarian Universities. The grant-funded project aims to develop new ADC targets for oncology indications. Within the scope of the project novel small molecule warheads are needed and this is where ComInnex comes in.

    The project has led to the development of a small set of highly potent and biologically active compounds which have been submitted to the universities for further development.

    Resulting from this project we have developed new methods for identifying active molecules as well as in silico models for testing efficacy.

    ComInnex can use this know-how to partner with other drug discovery groups to deliver highly bespoke compounds either as ADC warheads or as potential new lead compounds.