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Custom Chemistry

A team of chemists dedicated to the customer who thrive on a challenge, take pride in their work, communicate openly and efficiently and possess a wealth of experience. The team is backed by state of the art analytical support and has access to a host of technologies including flow and photochemistry instrumentation. The current infrastructure enables our scientists to prepare final targets from mg to 50g scale.

  • Our team of highly skilled chemists has expertise in complex designed and performed synthetic sequences.
  • Custom Chemistry Services are provided under a fee-for-service or an FTE model based on the needs of the customer.
  • Our team are technologically equipped to handle even the most challenging of reactions professionally and safely in transformations like: hydrogenation and catalysis knowledge, reductive alkylation, amidation, C-C and C-N cross coupling, oxidation, nitration, synthesis of N-heterocycles, photochemistry, methatesis, etc.
  • Our chemists, paired with our state-of-the-art flow reactors, provide a second to none combination of know-how and technology for quality custom synthesis of unique compounds with capabilities of -70-+1000°C and from vacuum to 400 bar.
  • The analytical team can provide complete analytical support, including NMR, HPLC, LCMS, preparative HPLC, GCMS, ICP, XRD, DTG, FT-IR, optical rotation. Upon request summary or publication-ready synthetic protocols are also provided.

Main services for customers

  • Custom compound libraries
  • Compounds requiring complex
    multistep chemistry
  • Novel scaffold design and synthesis
  • DNA encoded library building blocks
  • Route scouting and retrosynthesis
  • Re-syntheses
  • Batch to flow process re-engineering
  • Chemistry problem solving and
    synthesis development
  • Scaffold-hopping and the design of new
    libraries around cores of interest

FTE Based Custom Chemistry

ComInnex provides either short or long-term collaborations with its partners for contracting full time equivalents work.


FTEs are committed full time to the sponsor: a dedicated team works to a single customer with a reliable laboratory capacity.

  • Composition of the team depends on exact requirements and complexity of the chemistry (experienced supervisor for project management, additional PhD/MSc/BSc/technician chemist)

High level of flexibility: Chemical or biological data may favor a new lead, target molecule(s) can be changed or modified any time (priority can also be varied). Intermediates or interesting by-products formed during the syntheses can be delivered upon request.

Communication and Reporting:

  • Weekly or biweekly reports summarized in ppt slides based on ACS standards.
  • Discussions via weekly or biweekly video- or tele-conferences, yearly personal meetings (flexible) is a practice.
  • In-house developed electronic database allows clients to keep track of the work being carried out.
  • Final reports and protocols supplied in ready for publication or patenting forms.
  • Analytical files shared via electronic transfer (raw format is also available).
  • Compound structures shared (Sd files with enhanced stereochemistry) and electronic notebook sharing (Rd file) possible if needed. Printed lab notebooks supplied for request.
  • Communication and files shared via dedicated channels, FTP site or Share Point Site (supplied by either ComInnex or the Customer)

Located in the EU: ComInnex has good access to all starting materials, moving goods to and from most of the countries does not present any problems.

Delivery: Prepared compounds will be delivered in the requested packaging. Legal rights and CDA

  • Confidentiality, IP and legal rights will be comprehensively covered in the final contract.
  • All intellectual property belongs to the
    partner unless otherwise agreed.


Consulting on ThalesNano flow instrumentation is also available.

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