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DNA-Encoded Libraries Open Collaboration

Based on the principles and proven track record for open innovation projects, ComInnex facilitates and provides collaborative working group environments, to advance science around the pre-competitive area of DNA-encoded library building blocks, and to enhance partnership within an expanding community of industry leaders.






Focus on Creating Valuable Building Blocks

We connect scientists in this rapidly evolving area, providing an effective collaborative platform for sharing and education, thriving on a common understanding for technical requirements, right down to the basic building block level – using this extensive knowledge as the basis to drive chemistry developments in pursuit of excellence. We are proud to have several leading global pharmaceutical organizations, and prominent biotech service providers working with us on this exciting field, supporting scientific progress and advancement of research…

Why Join Us?

Collaboration Value & Benefits

  • Be a member of an international community and openly discuss related science with other world leaders sharing mutual interest.
  • Acquire first hand access to novel building blocks to advance yourDNA-encoded libraries.
  • Be part of the building block design process.Access the online cheminformatics interface, setup with tools to foster communication and enhance your internal decision-making.
  • No contracting, building block purchases done through simple ordering process, with favorable pricing terms

“Fostering communities to advance science through sharing and learning.”

Alex Drijver

CEO, Comminex

The open collaboration operates with AGILE product development principles, where the list of novel building blocks – packaged in proposals – are the ‘product increments’, the members are the ‘customers’, and the design through delivery time-frame is a ‘sprint’. And similar to ‘Scrum’, here too, the empirical process control is based on full transparency, inspection of results and adaptation to subsequent requirements.

Equally important, the members are in full collaborative mode, sharing knowledge and learning from each other to advance their DNA-encoded libraries, as well as progressing science, towards therapeutics of the future.

Conceptual brainstorming, pre-approved in alignment with the project member requirements.

Transparent & collaborative voting for relevant compounds, through a secure, online cheminformatics interface.

Synthesis combining know-how and state-of-the-art technologies.

While adapting to each member, delivery is a continuous sysle process, preserving the highest quality of compounds.

Continuous and 24/7 information sharing via the online collaboration platform.

Open and thought-provoking round table discussions held quarterly.

Developing science and DELs by listening, learning and sharing.

Iteration Cycles

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