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Photochemistry Services

During recent years, photoredox catalytic and other photochemical methodologies, together with technological advancements has enabled the invention of a vast number of powerful methodologies for C-C and C-X (X = halides and heteroatoms) bond constructions.

Since 2017, ComInnex dedicated a team of chemists to photochemical research in order to access novel scaffolds for compound libraries, and building blocks for fragment libraries and for DNA-encoded library synthesis. We also utilize our photochemical experience in custom synthesis.

How we can support your R&D team?

  • Route scouting and custom chemistry using photochemistry
    • Certainly, photochemistry is not a general solution for all chemistry problems, therefore, route scouting for multistep synthesis will oftentimes lead to hybrid approaches where different methodologies are used sequentially (e.g. a classical batch chemistry step might follow a photochemical transformation or vice versa)
    • For custom You can
  • Feasibility studies and process demonstration
  • Production of libraries or single compounds from mg to hundred-gram quantities

We offer flexible business arrangement in form of FTE or fixed fee services. For detailed information on our approach to custom synthesis please click here.

Where we built significant expertise

  • Brominations
  • Alkyl-aryl couplings (e.g. photoinduced Negishi-couplings, dual catalytic decarboxylative coupling)
  • Oxidations
  • Photoredox reactions [with a focus on C(sp2)-C(sp3) bond constructions and trifluoromethylations]
  • Electrocyclic reactions

In-house available instrumentation

  • PhotoCube photoreactor
    • Batch and flow reactions in the same instrument
    • Multiple wavelengths in the 365-623 nm range
  • Custom made reactor configurations
    • For UVB (~310 nm) and UVC (~254 nm) applications
    • For scaling up flow reactions (UV-VIS)


PhotoChemistry made easy: Batch and Flow Chemistry Using the PhotoCube™ Photoreactor

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