Over the years vast collections of screening compounds and building blocks have been built up based on various needs, interests, trends and scientific models. Often these compounds lay fallow, somewhat forgotten. In the meantime attention is focusing on compound collection enhancement.

At ComInnex we specialize in highly selective hydrogenation using our ReductoChem platform to perform, reliable and reproducible transformations that result in new and valuable 3D structures.

The ReductoChem platform combines custom-build instrumentation, a proprietary reaction database and our accumulated know-how to test a large number of compounds in a short space of time.

Using a customized version of the ThalesNano MicroCube requires only a very small quantity of starting material (0.2 to 2 mg) to make a test reaction.

The ultra-fast reaction screening allows a large number of samples to be passed through the system in a short time.
The results of the successful reactions and the reduced structures are produced in a file format for review and selection. From this ComInnex then synthesizes the selected compounds in the requested amount.