Synthesis Platform

Chemical Technologies

Currently, chemistry designs are greatly influenced by what can be made, not necessarily by what one wants to make. Synthesis of unreported or infrequently reported heterocycles opens up new possibilities in drug discovery. To achieve this goal, we need a chemical technology toolbox that makes possible difficult or impossible transformations.

ComInnex works towards covering as much of the depicted condition range as possible. In partnership with ComInnex’s sister company ThalesNano (the number 1 flow reactor company) we have developed technologies that combine to offer the widest chemical space offered by any CRO in the world. From vacuum to 400 bar and from -70–+1000°C, Cominnex has platform to offer you truly novel chemistry capabilities.

For instance, the high temperature instruments are used in the service of developing novel chemical scaffolds and faster accessing analogs required by chemists and medicinal chemists. The low temperature flow instrumentation is used to make hazardous chemistry safer to access new routes with improved yields. Chemistry that other companies would avoid.

Partners can reap the benefits of the developed reactor technologies via multiple business arrangements ranging from template or library purchase to strategic partnerships towards the development of proprietary templates covering IP differentiated chemical space.

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