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What to consider when choosing your CRO?

What to consider when choosing your CRO?


Welcome back,

Today I would like to point your attention to our very first white paper published (download here) on what we think the core values of CROs in our industry, specifically to chemistry services. We are describing things like versatility, flexibility, agility, technology access, just to mention a few from the list to be considered when choosing your strategic partner, but more importantly, we are interested in YOUR opinion.

Do you agree with our experiences, or did we skip something? How would you rate these characteristics considering your organization, also from your personal point of view? I mean, I can easily see that these values can be weighed differently on a project base, but can we generalize here at all?



We see other alternatives to outsourcing too, including insourcing or robotic process automation (RPA). How much of a threat are they to traditional CROs? It’s hard to tell at this point, but in my mind applying these models are to complete the solution package and they don’t necessarily mean competitions to each other. What’s your take on?